For Pets


We have to pay special attention on how we use essential oils on animals in a safe manner. So before using essential oils for your ferry friends, you need to know a couple of important information. If your pet is a dog, cat, or another animal; dosages and best way of introduction can vary greatly. We put general recommendations, tips and suggestions together. At the same time, we highly recommend consulting your veterinarian, as your pet may experience a medical condition, is pregnant, or is nursing.

General Recommendations

Be careful not to get any essential oils in an animal’s eyes. No essential oil should be used on dogs and cats under 8 weeks of age. It is easy to miscalculate the correct dilution measurements as the puppies and kittens grow at a much faster rate. Animals usually are more sensitive to essential oils than humans. We highly recommend heavily dilute and conservatively use the oil before introducing them to the pet. Since every animal is different, carefully observe your animals reactions. Watch for signs of irritation such as whining, sniffing, nervousness, or excessive scratching. Essential oils such as Clove, Oregano, Savory, Thyme, or Wintergreen should be avoided, especially with cats. For cats: Do not use citrus oils topically. When diffusing any oil, always give your cat the possibility to leave the room. If they cannot leave they will ingest the scented air.


For Pets

External / Topical Use

You may use topical application of essential oils once your pets are used to them. So starting with diffusing essential oils is first good step.

We suggest applying to the back of the dog or cat; rub your hands together until they no longer are shiny. Then rub on your pet. We don’t recommend using essential oils with cats on a daily basis. Please consult your veterinarian for further directions.

Apply to the spin and flanks for animals with hooves and put oils in places where they can evaporate. No oils should be rubbed in under any tack or saddles. We suggest using a spray bottle to get to those hard-to-reach places.

Internal Use

Before putting essential oils in your pet’s meal, we urge you to speak to a veterinarian first. Be reminded that animals have a very distinct sense of smell. When essential oils are added to a meal, your pet might not eat it. Make sure you heavily dilute the amount of essential oil before applying to places your animal licks as they groom or play. Observe your pet and ensure that the licks are minimal.

Please contact one of our licensed aromatherapists before using any products.


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