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Our Story

MALIKA’s story began when cancer came upon the founding family and their search for ways   to relieve the symptoms. They discovered essential oils. As they incorporated this alternative solution, they started to see positive results. However, they noticed that it was becoming increasingly expensive due to the membership fees with MLM programs. The family decided to become licensed aromatherapists, specializing in therapeutic essential oils and started their  own business.

They met with small communities around the world where they buy their natural sources and began creating their own blends. Currently, they are on the journey of distributing affordable   and effective essential oils to their growing list of clients – all for reasonable prices and no membership required. Their essential oils and blends are 100% organic and animal crueltyfree, provided with a certificate of analysis to prove the company’s claims.

For MALIKA, their business purpose is to send a message based on what they have been through. Although turning their experiences into sources of income, they remain grounded; The reason why they started their business is to provide effective alternative solutions for health complications to the general public and improve health and quality of life. Having gone through cancer, particularly as a family, they are main goal is to help others and share their unique message.


Our Logo

The tree – like a human hand with five fingers – symbolizes the five senses: smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing. The drops of oil extracts are like the ocean, opening gateways to new possibilities – possibilities of essences that is MALIKA.
The white background stands for the purity of our oils. The salmon dark color represents the human skin on a global level, regardless of ethnicity. The deep purple characterizes spirituality, stimulates the mind that gives way to creativity and evokes beauty and glamor. The orange color represents the sunset and the ideal moment of relaxation of the day.


Our Mission

Improving health in a simple and effective way is our core belief. It is our goal to promote and develop the benefits of aroma therapy and the holistic connection of mind, body and soul. As all our products are 100% naturally produced, we are focused on various alternative therapies in accordance with best practice. We are entirely committed to good health, always operating in harmony with our environment.


Our Vision

Being able to provide a year-round availability of our products, we aim to create the highest level of quality. Only the purest aromatic plants are being developed, always farmed with a self-sustainable agriculture. It is our goal to give everyone access to a better health as we continuously strive to improve our products and its procedures.



Our Essential Oils

Depending on the product, the process is done in different ways.

Our selected distilleries around the world only use  the best products that truly deserve to be labeled and graded as 100% organic.

Cold Distilled

A mechanical method of pressing citrus peels such as lime, lemon, bergamot, orange, and grapefruit, to remove the essential oils. The method uses pressure to physically squeeze the oil from the plant tissue.

Hydro Distilled

Hydro distillation is a traditional technique that uses water or steam for the extraction of flavonoids and other compounds. There are three types of hydro distillation: water distillation, water-steam
distillation, and steam distillation.

Steam Distilled

A process that separates distilling water with other volatile and non-volatile components. The steam from the boiling water carries the vapor of the volatiles to a condenser; both are cooled and return to the liquid or solid state. The non-volatile residues remain behind in the boiling container.

Organic Extraction

(Hexane Free)

To begin the process, oil seeds are removed of impurities and dried to reduce moisture content. Next, the seeds are cracked for size reduction and flattened to form flakes, which increases the surface area to facilitate easier extraction. Then the solvent is evaporated from the oil solvent mixture and from the defatted flakes by exposing them to steam.

The oil, which is devoid of the solvent undergoes further processing to achieve the desired quality.

Our Essential Oils

Depending on the product, the process is done in different ways.

Our selected distilleries around the world only use  the best products that truly deserve to be labeled and graded as 100% organic.



If you are interested in any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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