Arborvitae / Thuja




100% pure therapeutic grade
Our organic Arborvitae essential oil, also known as Thuja essential oil and Cedar leaf, is steam distilled from freshly harvested green leaves and branches of the Thuja occidentalis coniferous tree, native to the Northeast of the United States and Southeast of Canada where it raises naturally in humid forest and nearby cliffs.


The contour of the Arborvitae essential oil is a sharp, fresh green aroma, camphor, and woody. Also known as Northern White Cedar and Cedar leaf, Thuja occidentalis is small to medium-sized tree, reaching up to 15 m (49 ft.) tall and is considered a gift to humanity for innumerable uses, as well for crafts, production and medicine use. Cedar leaf branches are harvested from the fields from May to November for distilled essential oil.

Arborvitae essential oil has excellent antibacterial and astringent qualities that may help combat a variety of continuing skin conditions, including eczema, acne, and psoriasis. It can assist in the revitalization, congested skin by healthy microbial balance. Arborvitae essential oil is expectorant properties that make an excellent choice for enabling breathing and dismissing congestion. This essential oil is also useful as an insect’s repellent, including cockroaches, mosquitos, ants, and silverfish.



Support emotional mood and energy natural booster, White Cedar (Thuja or Arborvitae) oil is often known to help purify the mind, spirit, and body, especially when looking to reduce pessimistic emotions. It can also be useful in stimulating soothe exhaustion and mental focus.


Antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, anticancer, antitumor, astringent, expectorant, insect repellent, and stimulant for the immune system, a tonic for the uterus and a tonic for the heart system.



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