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More than a company, we are people concerned about health and we take care of it.

Our vision at MALIKA Essential is to support others naturally with the holistic connection in mind, body and spirit through aromatherapy.


Peppermint Essential Oil offers numerous applications with fresh, intense minty aroma within beauty..More

Frankincense Boswellia Serrata

Frankincense Serrata oil is also extensively used for relieving and lower minor soreness and swelling associated …More


The lavender essential oil has many benefits and uses. For example, Lavender promotes activity, helps … More


Bergamot Essential Oil is emotional and energetic, is an excellent source for deep relaxing, uplifting, and calming…More


Basil Essential Oil possesses an extensive range of applications from improving…More


A part of the Ginger family, Cardamom is a well-known gastronomic herb commonly valued and…More


Our organically crafted Rosemary Essential Oil is steam distilled from richly aromatic flowers, leaves, and twigs of… More


Our organically crafted Myrrh Essential Oil is hydro distilled from the wildcrafted rich resin of the small,…More

Rose Absolute

Our organic Rose Essential Oil has been elevated in literature and mythology and worn for severalMore


Coriander leaf is bright green, delicate leaves and a profusion of small, umbrella-shaped, pale pink, to whitish blossoms…More

Carrot seed

Carrot seed is a yellow or amber-colored to pale orange-brown liquid with a peculiar dry-woody, somewhat root-like…More


This balsamic essential oil has a pleasing aroma and blends well with other aromatic essential oils strengthening More


Eucalyptus Essential Oil has especially beneficial for the respiratory system and particularly for …More


Our organically crafted Citronella Java Essential Oil is steam distilled from the tall, green blades of…More

Roman Chamomile

Our organic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil from a white daisy-like flower is steam distilled, and the botanical…More

Jasmine Absolute

The delicate fragrance of Jasmine blossoms are carefully gathering by hand, need to be selected overnight …More


Clove bud oil is a clear to yellow mobile liquid, becoming brown with an extraordinarily strong, sweet, and …More


Arborvitae is useful for respiratory infections like bronchitis, bacterial skin infections, and seasonal colds…More

Frankincense Boswellia Sacra

Our organically crafted Frankincense Sacra Essential Oil is hydro distilled from the resinous dried sap of Boswellia…More


Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil is excellent support in blends formulas for pain and…More


The Greeks were the first to observe its profit as a reduced aid. The ancient Greek name of the bhang, marathon…More


Native in Southern Europe, Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) has the extent to North Africa and North…More

Cinnamon bark

Cinnamon bark essential oil is a pale yellow to dark yellow or brownish-yellow liquid with a potent, warm-spicy, and …More

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