Roman Chamomile




 100% pure therapeutic grade. 

Our organic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil from a white daisy-like flower is steam distilled, and the botanical name is anthemis nobilis growing in Oregon USA. The charming chamomile flowers with deep yellow center daisy-like blossoms create this exquisite essential oil.


Roman chamomile is a pale-yellow colored, mobile liquid of a sweetened herbaceous, somewhat mellow-warm, and leaf-like tea odor. Roman chamomile oil is potent for topical inflammation and is suitable for healing. One of the modules of Roman chamomile is esters, and this is anti-inflammatory support and an excellent source for analgesics.


Roman chamomile essential oil recognized around the world for its therapeutic properties. In ancient Egypt, it was used for fever and rheumatic disorders. It is an excellent source for the nervous system, and It helps you to calm the head and brain when it’s overthinking or mental stress.

Clinical study’s Roman chamomile essential oil demonstrated more effective than Lavender essential oil for insomnia and sleep patterns behavior, reducing the dependence on hypnotic medication.

Roman chamomile oil is a calming sedative and an antidepressant. It is especially valuable for anxiety and stress, migraines, and headaches.


Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, bactericidal, carminative, cholagogue, digestive, emmenagogue, febrifuge, hepatic, sedative, stomachic, sudorific, vulnerary, antimicrobial, anxiolytic.


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